“I have had undiagnosed pain for a number of years. So I took the Pain Assessment Test. I was amazed by the results. My doctor confirmed the information on The Pain Assessment Test, and changed he treatment plan.

Anyone with chronic pain should take the Pain Assessment Test.”

-Eddie Tantoco: former VP of Marriott and Starwood – Phoenix, Arizona

“After a seemingly insignificant auto accident. I not only endured horrible pain but the emotional trauma of being told by multiple doctors including one of best neurosurgeons in Houston that THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.

I used the tests on this website to determine the cause of my pain and establish a medical plan.

After multiple surgeries the “whiplash” injuries were repaired.

After many years on pain meds I am now off all medication and pain free.”

-Carlos Cain

“We have found this test has allowed us to increase the number of interventional procedures we do by 192% compared to our previous levels, with increased benefits to patients. Thank you for introducing this program to us.”

-Dr. Gautam Das MD, FIPP
Editor-in-Chief: Journal on Recent Advances in Pain
Director: Daradia-The Pain Clinic
Course Director: Aesculap Academy Pain Management courses
Author of Books: ‘Clinical Methods in Pain Medicine-2nd Ed’; ‘How to start & run a pain clinic’; ‘Basics of Pain Management’ & ‘Common pain management procedures’
Ex-Chairman: World Institute of Pain- India, Iran, Pakistan & Sri Lanka section

“The defense battery of 3 experts diagnosed the client as a Malingerer and an exaggerator….They were willing only to pay $150,000.

After taking the Tests and the expert detailed results, the defense agreed that they had not done the battery of tests…The defense ultimately settled for almost $500,000″

-Thomas Vesper, Esq: Past President, New Jersey Trial Lawyers Association

“A Claims and Management company reduced self insured institutions workers compensation claims costs by 54% by using the recommended Tests….. Accurately diagnosing a single CRPS-RSD case will free up to $950,000 in reserve money at least 71% of the time.”

-The Self Insurer: The Worlds Leading Alternative Risk Transfer Journal since 1984

“I have had undiagnosed pain for a number of years. So I took the Pain Assessment. There are fewer bigger problems for a transportation company than workers comp plan than pain…it literally is a pain.

Better management of pain would save millions from costs…. We challenged the company and loaded 260 Comp cases and we did not give them the easy ones; all were over 6 months old…The findings were stunning

48% were identified as sprains or strains, which is already suspicious because sprains/strains usually heal in 7-10 days

Each of the claimant was scheduled to take the tests at proctored examination site.

30 people were able to get back to work immediately (fakers, malingerers and some just fallen through the administrative cracks).”

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