Medication Treatment of Chronic Pain without Opioids.

-Scimaze Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Pain validity test to detect fraud.

-Art Gallery by D. Goff

Rising Healthcare Costs: A Deeper Look Into Catastrophic Claims.

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“An internet based expert system to control workers compensation costs documented by outcome studies.”

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“Implications of Road Accidents in Saudi Arabia.”

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“Chronic Pain Patient Versus The Malingering Patient”

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“Cost Savings and Improved Care For Self Insured Workers’ Comp Using On Line Diagnostic and Treatment Recommendations from Johns Hopkins Hospital Doctors.”

-AI Labs PS

“List of Court Cases.”

“Painless Electrodiagnostic Current Perception Threshold and Pain Tolerance.”

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“Is the Pain Real or Not?”

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“Comparison of Tests Used For Fraud.”

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“Validating and Treating the Complaint of Chronic Back Pain: The Mensana Clinic Approach.”

-Nelson Hendler, MD, MS

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